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Get Home Safe

Keeping Workers Safe Out of Coverage

Out of coverage the risk of vehicle accidents, workplace injuries or violence compound with the challenge of keeping in touch and arranging help in emergency situations, put you at greater exposure to your workplace health and safety legal requirements.

GetHomeSafe - Remote Worker was specifically designed as an innovative new way of monitoring the welfare of employees working in remote and isolated areas where traditional cell phone based systems can’t be relied on. 

Remote Worker is the solution for lone workers or remote working teams out of coverage situations or bad coverage areas.

Remote Worker welfare monitoring system

GetHomeSafe - Remote Worker is a cloud based solution specifically designed to take the hard work out of checking in and out when working out of coverage in remote areas. 

With over 20 different Lone Worker devices that work out of cell coverage integrated into the platform you can pick and choose the right tool for your regional coverage requirements.  

The GetHomeSafe approach to centralising and standardising makes running a mixed fleet of devices and coverage options easy, ensuring everyone is on the same platform and reporting on policy compliance is a breeze from one source of truth.

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Satellite Iridium Network

Utilising a selection of satellite communicators like Garmin InReach, Rock7 and Protigear you can connect with your remote working teams via the Iridium short burst data (SBD) network.

The SBD satellite constellation is low orbit, meaning the satellites move across the sky, giving the added advantage of 100% global coverage and connection even with the smallest sky view.

Satellite Global Star Network

Connect your remote working teams to GetHomeSafe with the Global Star network in selected regions with the Spot range of satellite communicators, including the two way messenger Sopt X with full a blackberry style keypad. 

The Global Star satellite constellation is geostationary, meaning less satellites are required to get coverage and resulting data plans are very affordable.

Motorola Digital Radio

GetHomeSafe has the option to connect with your existing Motorola digital radio network or form part of your new network. 

GetHomeSafe with Motorola allows the ability to start, check-in, and sign off a work or travel plan all from your digital radio.

Mandown, impact and duress alerts from the radios are also processed through the platform, centralising and standalising these events with all other supported devices.

Mixed Cell Coverage

GHS has a unique ability to seamlessly combine tracking logs of multiple devices, allowing mixed coverage from multiple devices into the one welfare monitoring session.  You can mix and match coverage options to suit your needs on the day, with combined cellphone and satellite or radio monitoring into the one session.

A selection of supported stand alone devices, such as the Zolio, Motorola Ion and A*Live units have multiple coverage options on the one device, including their own sim card for cell  connectivity.

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How does Remote Worker work?

GetHomeSafe - Remote Worker can be compared to buddy systems, remote work planning & approvals, risk assessments, GPS tracking and welfare monitoring all rolled into one secure platform.  The system provides:

  • Increased engagement with a quick and easy way for staff to register their work plans before heading into out of coverage areas. 
  • Control risk with an optional supervisor’s work plan review and approval process.
  • Optimise high value satellite devices with shared device and data pooling.
  • Increase visibility with real time GPS location of Mobile workers, check-in notes and battery life tracking.
  • Reduce false alerts with proactive reminders to staff to check-in, even out of coverage.
  • a fail-safe alerting system to proactively inform supervisors of overdue workers, regardless of what went wrong.
  • Reduce alert times with Mandown and impact alerting via satellite or radio on selected devices.
  • Improve safety and productivity with two way SMS on selected devices.
  • Flexible escalation processes for all alert types.
  • Automation to free admin staff to focus on their core roles.
  • Digital record keeping with full reporting and download capabilities.


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Coverage options for Isolated and Remote Areas

GetHomeSafe (or one of our Partners) are official resellers of all networks and hardware we support on the platform. We can be a one-stop shop to provide all elements of your remote worker solution or bring your existing hardware and network and GHS provides the software that brings it all together, whatever works best for you.

Radio Integration

GetHomeSafe allows the ability to start, check-in, and sign off work or travel plan from your digital radio. Real-time integration of digital radio into the GetHome Safeportal, displaying alongside vehicle tracking, phone (GHSApp) and Satellite Devices Have the option to connect with your existing radio network or GetHomeSafe’s integrated network.

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Satellite & Cell Sync

GetHomeSafe was designed for monitoring work in remote and isolated areas, where traditional cell phone-based systems cannot be relied on or don’t work. GetHomeSafe’s satellite device integration enables you to start and interact with a task even when you are out of coverage.

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Make Getting Home Safe your Work Policy

GetHomeSafe forms the core of most remote or isolated lone working policy by making it super easy to register your remote work plans, proactive reminders for checking in and out of the office, recording changes of plan and checking in “Home Safe” at the end of the day. 

Its fail-safe alerting of overdue staff, quality information and follow up requirements for team leaders and escalation alerting make creating processes and policies for reporting overdue employees super easy. 

GHS has customizable task detail prompts so you can ensure staff are recording the correct level of task intentions required by your isolated work policy before leaving. As GHS is a digital solution with inbuilt reporting and full download capabilities you will be able to review your team’s use and compliance with your remote working policy.

In the unlikely event, something actually did go wrong you will have a digital audit trail of what happened and when for your lone worker legislation. 

GPS and Digital Radio Devices


Check Ins Recorded


Integrated Devices

Safety Out of Coverage FAQs

Tracking the live GPS location of lone working employees through their phone is an incredibly powerful safety measure, if done correctly.  GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker app is session based, employees (not management) control when their GPS location is shared and recorded.

The system is built on a four tier access hierarchy and full GDPR compliant audit trial of access to personal information. We deal with the ‘big brother’ objection on a daily basis and we included objection handling in our train the trainer and communications assistance implementation support packages.

That is why we monitor time, if your phone leaves cell coverage the app caches the locations and prompts you to find coverage.  The app reminds you to check-in (and find coverage) even when out of signal.

If you fail to check in the server (not your phone) sends the alert to your nominated contacts, creating a catch-all and fail-safe system to alert someone, regardless of what has happened to you or your phone.

Have a look at our hardware page, own supported devices are listed here or if you are still not sure send us a message through live chat or the contact form.

In most cases yes you can.  If you want a one stop shop and the option to pool data across your device fleet talk to one of the team about GHS supplying your satellite data as well as your software solution.

Yes, get in touch with us for more information and latest pricing.

Yes, but this can be more expensive in the long term.