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Lone workers in Resource, Oil & Gas organisations take on various high-risk job types across the globe. Electrical hazards in confined spaces, explosions, chemical hazards, vehicle collisions and many more are risk factors for lone workers which highlights the importance of implementing a welfare monitoring solution. 

GetHomeSafe works with many in the Resource, Oil & Gas industry, continue reading to learn how this industry is gaining value and benefits through implementing systems to abide by health and safety

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Resource, oil & gas specific requirements

Resource, Oil & Gas includes many different organisations that each have their own unique hazards and challenges. This introduces the need for welfare monitoring, as a way to meet health and safety obligations alongside an overall drive to improve efficiency and productivity. 

Key safety requirements for the industry include:

  • Environmental risks such as hazardous waste, oil spills, and gases
  • Vehicle risks
  • Working in confined spaces
  • High-pressure lines and equipment 
  • Machinery 
  • Chemical spills

There are many other requirements for these industries. Highlighting the importance of a welfare monitoring system, having GPS tracking, effective means of communication, digital note-taking, and advanced mapping will all be of benefit. 

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Key Safety Risks

Fatigue & Travel

Naturally, as a worker within the Resource, Oil & Gas industry, travelling between sites and jobs will take up a significant amount of time. Additionally, a lot of the tasks may be physically demanded. A combination of both can lead to fatigue. Fatigue whilst driving is a big risk for any individual. 

Physical Injury

A lot of the working tasks within this industry involve heavy machinery, special vehicles, tools, chemicals and additional equipment that could cause physical injury. There are many obvious health and safety risks associated with operating equipment, such as physical harm, in the worst case even death to yourself or others.

Working Alone

For many jobs/ call-outs within this industry, two people are not needed, or it is not economical to send more than one. If two or more are sent, they can often end up technically working alone on-site. As a result, a lot of utility industry work is done alone, unsupervised, and in isolated areas. 

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Safety for your employees beyond cell coverage is one of the key reasons so many utility‑based organisations trust GetHomeSafe for their employee welfare monitoring. Learn more about our safety out‑of‑coverage solution.

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Benefits of Employee Welfare Monitoring

Introducing a welfare monitoring solution like GetHomeSafe to your consultancy or organisation will come with many benefits for both safety and also operations. Here are three of the key benefits our Resources, Oil & Gas industry clients tell us they love!


Paperless Journey Management & Automated Welfare Monitoring

With our Journey Management solution, you can go paperless with our travel planning and approval feature set.

Manage fatigue by pre-planning a multi-site field trip, complete with time on site, risk assessment, route optimisation, and total travel time estimations. Send this to your supervisor for review and approval.

Once approved, GHS will automatically notify the requestor their trip is approved. They can then initiate real-time welfare monitoring of said journey (and working alone while on each site) into one record of the plan, approval, travel, site work and home-safe confirmation.

The efficiency and flexibility of taking your journey management plans digital, combined with the high charge-out rates of your team and management will result in a significant operational return on your investment. Improving safety at the same time!

GHS JMP list welfare monitoring

Still Using Paper‑Based Travel Safety Plans?

If you are still married to your paper-based travel safety plans and manual approvals it is time you looked at going digital. Learn more about how our Journey Management solution can improve engagement, drive efficiency, and automate your way to success.

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Effective Means Of Communication

Welfare monitoring is a step up from booking an EPRIB from the front desk or borrowing a radio when you check into a site. We are talking two-way communication direct from the field to you back in the office. Nothing gets lost in translation going through site-specific comms. 

Working with you, our sales team can fit one of our 25+ device options to fit your unique coverage requirements, site by site.  The flexibility of GHS allows a very small number of devices to be easily shared across many people, business units and regions if needed. GHS can also offer short-term hire and lease of devices for project-specific applications. 

Finding the right coverage option is not just about safety. We will work with you to look at all operational and bonus features to help get the business case for this across the line. This can include things like mapping, GIS integration, job dispatching and even policies for using your new devices for staff bonuses. This may include taking a company Garmin InReach on weekend adventures.

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Digital Data

One of our most popular features is our barcode scanner built into our advanced note-taking and geo-location mapping!

It makes GHS ideal for use as a digital field book. You can make notes, scan bar or QR codes, tag locations of interest and even crank up the GPS tracking frequency to the maximum, mapping out entire areas of interest for future reference. 

Proof of visit, recording locations of interest, and indoor positioning are other key applications of the barcode scanner and advanced mapping we offer.

Data can be exported from GHS in many formats and uploaded into your GIS or mapping software for many different applications! 

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