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Get Home Safe

Free Safety App For Family & Friends

Simply use our free Personal Safety app to set yourself a safety timer for when you will check in as being safe, add a few details, and head off to do what you were going to do! 

Your plans are then shared with your selected emergency contacts for real-time GPS location updates (live GPS tracking is optional and strictly session-based), safety check-ins and any notes you make along the way. Check in when you are home safe and you are done, GPS tracking is stopped at this time.

Simple as that and completely free — no catches. Use this free app next time you head out, do what you do and Get Home Safe.

Safety Made Easy For All Activities

You choose when and why to use the app, basically any time you want the reassurance of an alert being sent if you can’t call for help yourself and/or you want to share your live GPS tracking with those waiting at home for your safe arrival.

The top 5 most common uses are:

  • Walking Home
  • Long Distance Driving
  • Recreational Flying
  • Cycling
  • Hiking

There are many other common uses like fishing, mountain biking, hunting, boating and even going on a date. It is completely up to you when to use the app.

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Why Is The App Free? What Is The Catch?

That's right, it's a free app and there are no annoying ads in it. There is no catch, this app is a free promotional product that gives people a small taste of our more comprehensive safety monitoring solution GetHomeSafe.

That is it; no other hidden agenda or sneaky fees lying in wait to catch you out, just a very awesome free promotional product that is free for all who want it. Just remember we have more comprehensive solutions for your team at work or on the road.

We hope you enjoy using the app and please let us know your thoughts and feedback through our contact page and be sure to let your family and friends know about it!

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Using The App

Before you head out, open the app, enter a few details about what you are doing, select your live tracking/emergency contact(s) and set yourself a safety timer. 

With GetHomeSafe — Personal you can invite your contacts to view the GPS tracking of your activity in real-time via email or SMS. Perfect for keeping loved ones updated with your progress or bragging about what you are up to!

During your activity, it's a good idea to open the app, check your progress and check in every now and then, especially after you have been out of coverage for a while.

You can add notes along the way, perfect for recording changes of plan or updates to those watching your live tracking!

When you have safely completed what you were doing or got to where you are going simply open the app and hit Finish. You must do this before the timer runs out or an alert is sent!

If you are running late, click on the plus symbol at the top of the timer and extend it.

There are built-in reminders that sound (even without coverage) to remind you to extend or finish your activity before your timer expires. Once you reach your destination or wish to deactivate tracking, simply hit the Finish button and the alerts will be deactivated.

You need phone coverage to Finish or extend tracking; so set your timers accordingly. Location sharing is stopped upon the safe completion of your activity or task.

If things haven't gone as planned and you don’t finish tracking as planned the server sends an alert on your behalf via email and SMS* to the people you have nominated as contacts. The alerts are sent from the GetHomeSafe servers, not your phone. This means you don’t actually need a working phone or coverage for an alert to be sent! This is what makes GetHomeSafe simply clever, it is the ultimate safety net!

GetHomeSafe alerts your contacts when you can't, letting you call for help when you need it most. *For GetHomeSafe — Personal SMS alerts are optional and you will require credit on your GetHomeSafe account.

You’ll often be using GetHomeSafe regularly for the same thing(s). Once you have it set up you can tell others what you are doing faster and smarter than you can text them! Simply fill out what you will be doing and how long it normally takes, hit the favorites tab and save it. Next time you go to use the app simply hit favorites, pick what you want to do, start tracking and off you go!

Every two minutes when the app sends an update of your tracking log to the server, it waits for confirmation that it has indeed been safely stored. 

If no confirmation is received (because you are out of coverage), the app will store the information on the phone and at the next scheduled location update it will send both locations to the server and await confirmation again. 

This process of successful storage confirmations or caching locations within the app carries on until you regain coverage; at which point all locations from out of coverage are then updated from the app back to the server.