Remote Worker

Work Out Of Coverage or in isolated Areas?

GetHomeSafe is made for working in remote and isolated areas of Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand We make sure that our app & Remote Working solutions cater towards all sectors  a land surveyor and his desire for a simple and robust solution for checking in and out when working in remote areas and GetHomeSafe .

What he wanted was a super easy and super effective way of registering what he was doing for the day, with enough smarts to remind both him to check in and alert his boss if he didn’t return as planned. But most importantly he wanted it to be super affordable.

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You don't need a complex & expensive monitoring system

GetHomeSafe was specifically designed for monitoring work in remote and isolated areas where traditional cell phone based systems (phoning/texting buddy systems) can’t be relied on or simply don’t work the Remote Worker plan is the solution for workers working in out of coverage situations or bad coverage areas.

It is all about quality information and pro-active reminders for both staff and management and getting your team home safely.

What are the Benefits?

GetHomeSafe provides:

  • A super quick and super easy way for staff to register their work plans before heading back country
  • real time GPS location, check-in notes and battery life tracking regardless of the coverage
  • a proactive system to remind staff to check-in
  • a fail-safe alerting system to proactively inform supervisors of overdue staff
  • escalation process for alerts not actioned
  • frees up admin staff to focus on their core roles
  • it is all digital, with full reporting and download capabilities
  • But most importantly it is super affordable!
  • Integration with Satellite & Digital radio devices 
  • Links with Fatigue management software
  • Automatic device syncing depending on the coverage options

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Make Getting Home Safe your work policy

 GetHomeSafe forms the core of most remote or isolated work policies by making it super easy to register your remote work plans, proactive reminders for checking in and out of the office, recording changes of plan and checking in “Home Safe” at the end of the day. 

It’s fail-safe alerting of overdue staff, quality information and follow up requirements for team leaders and escalation alerting make creating processes and policies for reporting overdue employees super easy. 

GHS has customizable task detail prompts so you can ensure staff are recording the correct level of task intentions required by your isolated work policy before leaving. 

As GHS is a digital solution with inbuilt reporting and full download capabilities you will be able to review your team’s use and compliance with your remote working policy.

In the unlikely event something actually did go wrong you will have a digital audit trial of what happened and when. 



Compliments other emergency beacons 

Where GHS fits in as a safety solution for remote or isolated work is as a simple and robust intentions registry; which once activated proactively reminders staff to check-in and proactively alerts team leaders of over due staff. 

While GHS does not have satellite links for instant calling for help when out of 3G/4G coverage; it does have a fail safe alerting system that will still alert team leaders of over due staff, no matter what has happened to their phone or how much coverage it has. 

For remote work GetHomeSafe is designed to complement radio’s, EPIRBs and other such emergency beacons and fill the gaps in some of their capabilities.  It is not designed to replace them.

The beauty of a GHS overdue alert is that it is a step down from EPIRB alert.  While EPIRBs have their place, they are an all or nothing solution.  

Setting one off is quite the event; helicopters with recues teams are dispatched, paramedics abseiling down through the tree tops to save the day, we’ve all seen the footage on the news of the fantastic job first responders do.

GHS is the perfect alert for when you are running late and need assistance; where as EPIRBs are perfect for when you need rescuing and don’t have cell coverage. The two compliment each other perfectly as a combined safety solution for remote or isolated work.