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Get Home Safe

Travel Planning & Approval Software For Your Mobile Workforce 

GetHomeSafe is a complete software solution to manage the risks of both travelling and working in hazardous environments with our easy to use Travel Safety App. 

More than just a travel safety app, you get everything readily available to plan, review, approve and track journey's in one easy-to-use platform that can be configured to meet your needs.

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Travel Safety Planning the Easy Way

Our Journey Management System allows workers to quickly and easily pre-plan travel, trips and request approval before they leave, from either their phones or desktops.

Supervisors can quickly and easily review these travel plans from their phone or computer, managing risk on the go.

Managing risk and monitoring travel safety has never been so easy.  Why should you choose GetHomeSafe - Journey Management?

  • Rapidly plan, review, and approve journey plans 
  • Speed up approval times with host pre-approved travel plans
  • Manage journeys on the go with the JMS mobile app
  • Access everything you need in one simple-to-use, real-time platform
  • Save time by automating many planning, approval, and monitoring tasks
  • Be prepared for audits and compliance checks with automated data and health and safety compilation.


even the largest fleets us GetHomeSafe's Journey management planning software

Manage Fatigue

Full control over travel plans and routes 

Review and approval requirements 

Point-to-point GPS tracking

Time-based check-ins

Fatigue checks and alerts

Real time journey monitoring

Vehicle Tracking & Automation

Link journey plans with vehicle tracking

GPS proximity of your workers relative to their vehicles

Fatigue management software integration

Process man-down duress, collision and rollover events 

Centralised platform

For Large Enterprise

Service level agreements

Azure AD integration

Customised eLearning

Training the trainer sessions

Per journey pricing

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Try now for free, no credit card is required and it only takes a minute and cancel anytime.

Alternatively book a live demonstration.

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Simultaneously Manage Fatigue & Optimise Routes

With our Journey Management plan you can review your employee's route to ensure:

  • Total driving times are not intentionally exceeding policy limits
  • Journey legs and break times fit your fatigue policy
  • Sites are visited in a logical order
  • Routes are optimised to minimise travel distance and carbon footprint
  • Fatigue is checked prior and routinely throughout the journey with a cognitive test. 

Save time, money, and the planet by using one platform to review and approve journey plans. Also, you help to reduce driving accidents by managing the risk of fatigue.


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Vehicle Tracking Integrated with Journey Management Planning

The benefits of linking your vehicle tracking and fleet management solution with your GetHomeSafe account include:

  • See real-time GPS proximity of your workers relative to their vehicles - two locations on one map
  • Receive GPS location information of all assets, even rented and hired ones, when journey’s are tracked through the JMS app
  • Report on which assets are being used for higher risk activities
  • Process Duress and Collision, and Rollover events

Centralise all your travel and fatigue information into a single platform. 

Learn More About Vehicle Tracking & Satellite Coverage

Do You Still Have Questions?

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Journey Management FAQs

Yes, we offer a low rate for clients that need more flexibility, if you qualify for our enterprise solutions and want to include a 12+ month contract.

Yes, you can create your own bespoke risk assessment for specific journeys.  Coming soon is the ability to assign multiple risk assessments to a journey profile.

You certainly can! With our transport mode selector, you can nominate up to six different modes of transport for the same journey.

Very easily! Our ‘processes’ function enables you to create a checklist for supervisors to review and check off. We even record how long they take to review each item!