iOS recurring activity v2 iOS alert iOS home safe iOS check in successful V.BTTN iOS activity tracking map
iOS recurring activity v2 iOS alert iOS home safe iOS check in successful V.BTTN iOS activity tracking map

iPhone & Lone Worker App

The GetHomeSafe Lone Worker app for iPhone combines cutting-edge technology with innovative methods to make sure that your employees actually engage with your lone working system. It is recommended for those who work within cellular or wifi coverage. Best of all you can use it on your iPhone, no need for a specialist lone worker device and data plan. 

The GetHomeSafe iPhone application includes: 

  • Timed Activities
  • Check-In Features
  • Reminder Notifications 
  • Low Battery Reminders
  • Adjustable GPS Tracking
  • Barcode Scanning for indoor positioning
  • Panic Alerting
  • Duress/Silent Alerting
  • Man Down/Motion Monitoring
  • Note taking
  • Calendar integration
  • Pair with the Bluetooth VBttn for check-ins and duress alerts without touching your phone
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 Adjustable GPS Tracking 

Track and record the live location that is being shared with the GHS application. Configure how frequently this location is shared.


 Panic Alerting

The Panic button will immediately notify your supervisors that you require urgent assistance.


 Duress/Silent Alerting

Trigger a silent alert if you’re under duress. The GetHomeSafe app appears to function as normal, but triggers a notification to your supervisors that you need help.


 Man Down/Motion Monitoring 

Activate an option to monitor your mobile device for movement and trigger an alert if you become motionless.


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Timed Activities

The expected time each user is required to check-in or complete their task. The ability to extend this timer is available if the activity is taking longer than expected.



Check yourself in before your activity timer runs out to let your supervisors know you are safe and well.


Reminder Time

Set reminders to prompt mobile device notifications that inform you of how long is left on your timer.


 Low Battery

Battery levels are recorded and displayed for supervisors to access in case something goes wrong with your device.


GetHomeSafe is designed to monitor time. If your phone is outside of cell coverage, the app caches the locations and prompts you to find coverage.  The app reminds you to check-in (and find coverage) even when out of signal.

If you fail to check-in the server (not your phone) sends the alert to your nominated contacts, creating a catch-all and fail-safe system to alert someone, regardless of what has happened to you or your phone. 

If your staff work outside of cellular coverage frequently, please refer to our Remote Worker options

Live GPS location sharing of lone working employees through their phone is an incredibly powerful safety measure, if done correctly.  GetHomeSafe - Lone Worker app is session-based, and employees (not managers) control when their GPS location is shared and recorded. 

The system is built on a four-tier access hierarchy and fully GDPR-compliant audit trail of access to personal information.

Depending on how often you use GetHomeSafe (and frequency of automated location check-ins), we expect data usage of around 80mb per month.