Satellite Device Garmin SE+ 02 Satellite Device Garmin SE+ 01
Satellite Device Garmin SE+ 02 Satellite Device Garmin SE+ 01

Garmin InReach SE+

The Garmin InReach SE+ offers robust GPS capabilities. Enable GPS location tracking and navigation features with detailed breadcrumb trails of workers journeys. With 100% global Iridium Satellite Network connectivity and 2-way messaging, workers are able to check in and send alerts while out of coverage.

This device is recommended for back country & remote workers who require a tough and easy to use satellite device. The Garmin inReach SE+ includes:

  • Two way global messaging
  • SOS alerting
  • Location sharing
  • Breadcrumb trails
  • Up to 30 days battery life 
  • 100% global Iridium Satellite Network
  • Weather forecast services
  • Impact and water resistance
  • Cloud storage


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Welfare Button - OK & Help 

Send 'OK' check-ins or activate 'Panic/Help' alerts using the devices PRESET messaging functions, which immediately notifies Team Leaders/Supervisors.



Trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 Search and Rescue Monitoring Centre in case of emergency. 


  Vehicle Mount 

Secure your Garmin inReach SE+ on a RAW suction mount with the AMPS Powered Cradle that allows you to charge your device on the go. 

Satellite Device Garmin SE+ 01


The Garmin inReach SE+ is classed as Water-Resistant IPX7, to IEC Standard 60529.  


Grid Mapping 

Navigate confidently with preloaded Grid Mapping and Direct to device BirdsEye Satellite Imagery downloads. 


 Battery Life

Internal, rechargeable lithium battery provides up to 100 hours at 10-minute tracking mode (default) and Up to 75 hours at 10-minute tracking with 1-second logging. 

Yes, you are welcome to supply your own hardware for use with your GetHomeSafe account. 

Depending on the network you're connected to you can connect your [satellite] device directly to your GetHomeSafe account with no additional cost.   Contact us to confirm your device will work with GetHomeSafe. 

Yes, we offer short term hire or lease options if you would like to review this device before purchasing.

Your devices SOS can be configured to be sent directly to emergency services and/or your monitoring contacts via GetHomeSafe.  We will work with you to ensure this is configured and tested correctly before real world use.

All supported devices can be purchased directly through GetHomeSafe, contact us for current pricing and ordering information. 

If you are purchasing one or two devices you will likely get them cheaper and quicker from a local retailer when you take into account shipping costs and times. 

If you are purchasing more than five devices GetHomeSafe can offer you a special deal you might not get at your local retailer.  


Up to 75 hr.

  10-minute tracking send interval and 1-second log interval

Up to 100 hr.

Default mode with 10-minute tracking send interval and 1-minute log interval

Up to 30 days

Extended tracking mode with 30-minute tracking send interval

Up to 3 yr.

   Turned off