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The RockSTAR device is a portable, rugged handheld Satellite Device that allows you to track live location and send two-way short messages via text and email, without cellular coverage. 

Key features:

  • Rugged IP67 Water Proof 
  • 5 - button Keypad and designated SOS button.
  • E-mail and SMS 
  • USB Port 
  • Bluetooth
  • Impact Detection 
  • Long battery life (over 2500 transmissions on a single charge) 
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OK & Help 

Send an 'OK' check-in by a press of a button, or activate a Panic/Help alert which immediately notifies your alert receivers for assistance. 



Trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 Search and Rescue Monitoring Centre in case of emergency.



The RockSTAR is IP67 fully Waterproof and SAR tested (Safe to wear) 

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Two Way SMS and Email 

Send and receive custom messages out of coverage. 


Vehicle Mount 

Secure your RockSTAR on a RAW suction mounts attached to the windscreen of your vehicle


  Battery Life

Rechargeable battery with approximately 2500 transmission battery life. 


On a fully charged battery you can expect up to three weeks transmitting every 15 mins, up to three months transmitting once per hour, up to 12 months transmitting once per day

As with all satellite-based devices, the better view of the sky the unit has, the better it will perform.

RockSTAR units use two sets of satellites: GPS satellites in order to get a position fix, and Iridium satellites to transmit that position back to base. The GPS signal is weaker than the Iridium signal.

Typically, if the RockSTAR is near to a window inside then it may be able to obtain a GPS fix and transmit, although it will take longer than normal, and will therefore use more battery power.

You certainly can! We will need to discuss a few things and ensure we can receive data from your satellite data provider. Get in touch and we can help guide you through it.

You can buy all of our listed hardware directly through GetHomeSafe. Please get in touch for the latest pricing and information.

If you are purchasing one or two devices you will likely get them cheaper and quicker from a local retailer when you take into account shipping costs and times. 

If you are purchasing more than five devices GetHomeSafe can offer you a special deal you might not get at your local retailer.