Satellite Device SPOT Gen4 Satellite Device SPOT Gen4 02
Satellite Device SPOT Gen4 Satellite Device SPOT Gen4 02

SPOT Gen 4

The SPOT Gen4 is a compact, rugged, hand-held personnel tracker that supports location tracking and WHS (OH&S) check-in scheduling, as well as help and duress functions. Workers can initiate an emergency SOS alert, complete with their GPS location data. Allowing you to monitor your team 24/7.


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 Low Cost

Spot Gen4 has a low cost compared to other satellite devices 


 Replaceable battery

The Spot Gen4 is powered by AAA this means that the batteries for this device are easily transportable.

Satellite Device SPOT Gen4


Trigger an interactive SOS to the 24/7 Search and Rescue Monitoring Centre. 

 Welfare buttons

Send preset messages via GetHomeSafe to check-in as OK or trigger a Panic/Help alert from Team Leader assistance.

Yes, you are welcome to supply your own hardware for use with your GetHomeSafe account. 

Depending on the network you're connected to you can connect your [satellite] device directly to your GetHomeSafe account with no additional cost.   Contact us to confirm your device will work with GetHomeSafe. 

Yes, we offer short term hire or lease options if you would like to review this device before purchasing it.

Your device SOS can be configured to be sent directly to emergency services and/or your monitoring contacts via GetHomeSafe.  We will work with you to ensure this is configured and tested correctly before real world use.

All supported devices can be purchased directly through GetHomeSafe, contact us for current pricing and ordering information. 

If you are purchasing one or two devices you will likely get them cheaper and quicker from a local retailer when you take into account shipping costs and times. 

If you are purchasing more than five devices GetHomeSafe can offer you a special deal you might not get at your local retailer.  


Up to 168 hours of tracking 

IPX8 Temporary submersion: Can be submerged to greater than 1 meter with the exact depth to be defined by the manufacturer. The depth is uniquely defined for each product and can be found on the product page.