Panic/Duress Bluetooth Button

Connecting V.BTTNs with the GetHomeSafe app allows workers to check in, send alerts, and monitor movement without having to unlock their mobile devices. The GetHomeSafe app contains all the smarts, workers are left with a very simple and cost-effective panic/duress button.

Small and light, V.BTTNs are easily wearable on a selection of accessories, including a pendant loop or wrist strap. V.BTTNs doubles as a man-down device, with configurable sensors to detect if workers have been incapacitated for a period of time.

This device is recommended for front-line staff who need an easy or discreet way of triggering a Check-In or Panic alert.

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 OK & Help 

Send an 'OK' check-in by a press of a button, or activate a Panic/Help alert with a 3 second or more hold which immediately notifies Team Leaders/Supervisors for assistance if connected to the GetHomeSafe app. 


  Bluetooth Connection

Pair V.BTTNs to mobile devices via Bluetooth connection. V.BTTNs are compatible with iOS and Android devices.


 Waterproof & Water-Resistant

The V.bttn is classed as Waterproof up to 1 meter for 30mins to IP67. 


 No Movement - Mandown

Monitor V.BTTN movement over a configurable time period between 1-5 minutes. If the V.BTTN does not register movement for the set time a 'No Movement Alert' is activated. 


 Wearable Accessories 

Attach V.BTTNs to Wearable Accessories for easier access when working alone. Pendant loops, belt clips, wrist bands or a full V.BTTN kit are available upon request. 

Common asked questions about the V BTTN

Yes, we offer short term hire or lease options if you would like to review this device before purchasing it.

All supported devices can be purchased directly through GetHomeSafe, Contact Us for current pricing and ordering information. 

If you are purchasing one or two devices you will likely get them cheaper and quicker from a local retailer when you take into account shipping costs and times. 

If you are purchasing more than five devices GetHomeSafe can offer you a special deal you might not get at your local retailer.  

 5 - 12 months of depending on how often the V.BTTN is used. V.BTTNs use replaceable CR 2023 3V Lithium Batteries.


No, you cannot use the V.bttn with your mobile app out of cellular coverage. Contact Us  to find out more about our Out of Coverage Satellite options. 


No, you cannot. You must have the button paired with the GetHomeSafe app. This will allow your supervisor to see who has alerted or checked in.