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The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary is a community-based initiative, located at the top of the South Island in Nelson. The sanctuary sits on the former water conservation reserve lands and the idea for the sanctuary came about in 2002. Before coming into fruition in 2004 when the trust was formed. Now with over 400 volunteers and over 21,000 hours worked per annum, the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary is brimming full of life.



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The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary is the largest fenced sanctuary in the South Island, with over 135 km of walking tracks and monitoring lines, so it is a large area. In addition to this, the terrain is rugged, ranging in altitudes from 100m above sea level to 900m above sea level. Another challenge is that a lot of areas within the sanctuary have little or no phone and radio reception. 

However given all these challenges the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary is fully committed to health and safety for both staff and visitors. 



By using GetHomeSafe, the Brook Waimārama Sanctuary has implemented a solution that helps keep people safer. "The solution offers further security to our people working in tough conditions that someone will be alerted via the GetHomeSafe service to come and find them”. 


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The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary (TBWS) contacted us here at GetHomeSafe (GHS) in regards to health and safety concerns for their community. TBWS implemented a solution that extends workers coverage in order to more safely keep track of where people are in case anything goes wrong. 

Health and safety is always a priority, and we are proud to say our GHS app has made a positive difference to TBWS. Staff have more confidence in knowing that they can be found and attended to in the situation where they find themselves in trouble with poor service. 

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