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Get Home Safe

Your Comprehensive Safety Kit: Standard and Beyond

GetHomeSafe isn’t just a product; it's a promise to keep your teams secure. Our fully-featured standard package lays the foundation for a robust safety and compliance ecosystem. It's packed with essential tools designed to maintain high safety standards and ensure peace of mind. Live location sharing, incident reporting, and welfare checks are just the beginning of what you can expect.

But we recognize that one size doesn't fit all. That's why we offer three optional add-ons tailored to enhance your team's safety in specific environments. Fieldwork, Travel, and Out-of-Coverage add-ons bring specialized features that address the challenges of each domain. Whether your team is navigating remote project sites, managing travel logistics, or operating beyond the usual coverage areas, these add-ons integrate seamlessly to provide comprehensive protection.

Key Features: GetHomeSafe

Get your team home safely with our core features of the standard safety module.

Welfare Monitoring

The GetHomeSafe Journey Management Plan includes the following industry-leading safety app features:

  • Pre-planning Activities
  • Review and Approval Processes
  • Vehicle Tracking Integration
  • Adjustable GPS Tracking Frequency
  • Linked Fatigue Management Software
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Panic, Overdue & Silent Alerting
  • Alert Notifications
  • Linked Third-Party Apps
  • Single Sign-On
  • Much More...
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Mass Messaging

GetHomeSafe has a Mass Messaging feature that allows you to send SMS, Email and or Push Notification messages to your entire organisation.

Designed based on requirements stemming from incidents like the Wellington earthquake, you choose the groups you message and the message channel.

Mass Messaging

Integrate A Bluetooth Button

Use a button linked to your app to check-in or trigger alerts.

Connect your app to a wearable Bluetooth device (V.BTTN) that is used to activate functions during a GetHomeSafe task.

V.BTTNs can be used to:

  • Check-in as OK
  • Activate an alert
  • Monitor movement

Vehicle Monitoring

Integrate with your IVMS.

GetHomeSafe offers a simple way of keeping track of which vehicle a staff member is driving on any given day and associating this with the real-time welfare sessions.

This gives a single source of truth for locations and status of both your staff, their vehicles and their proximity to their vehicle when they have parked it and continued on with their work.

Vehicle Monitoring

Multiple Safety Profiles

The GetHomeSafe Journey Management Plan includes the following industry-leading safety app features:

  • Pre-Planning Activities
  • Review and Approval Processes
  • Vehicle tracking Integration
  • Adjustable GPS Tracking Frequency
  • Linked Fatigue Management Software
  • Live GPS Tracking
  • Panic, Overdue & Silent Alerting
  • Alert Notifications
  • Linked Third-Party Apps
  • Single Sign-On
  • Much More...
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Dynamic Risk Assessments

The risk assessment feature currently allows you to configure sets of questions associated with particular types of work or journeys.

This feature includes:

  • Additional answer options for each question.
  • Optional risk points allocation related to risk profiling. You configure level of control based on level of points accumulated on answers.
  • Controls can include; presenting a warning prompt to the User, automatically triggering an approval process or completely restricting the activity if it is considered too risky.
risk assessment

Safety Documents

Store, manage and distribute your Policies & Procedures from within GetHomeSafe:

  • Ensure key documents are readily accessible and retrievable at any reasonable time for your workers.
  • Keep informed of when your key HSE documents need updating.
  • Maintain compliance with your H&S Standards and legal obligations.
safety docs

#Hazard Reporting

Assess and control the risks faced by your lone workers, in real-time:

  • A means for your workers to report hazards as and when they occur.
  • Involve your workers when considering potential risks and measures to control them.
  • Generate designated Hazard Reports that will allow for making steps to avoid or control risks where necessary.

Third-Party App Linking

Link GetHomeSafe with other apps used by your workers, to create seamless workflows:

  • Launch any other app used by your workers during their shifts from within GetHomeSafe.
  • Improve worker engagement and utilisation of your business systems through frictionless integrations.
  • Maintain records of other systems being accessed from within the GetHomeSafe Web Portal.
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Key Features: Fieldwork Add-On

Keep your team engaged by helping them get the job done with our fieldwork-specific features.

Sites & Projects

Build a list of your worksites, offices or any other locations of interest in the GetHomeSafe platform giving staff an easy way to record the location they’re working at along with other useful information:

  • Build a record of site check-ins, check-outs, time on site etc.
  • Assign specific contacts for each site for alerts and site check-in notifications.
  • Combine this with our Risk Assessment features to complete site-specific safety checks prior to staff arrival.
sites projects


GetHomeSafe incorporates a powerful new feature that will give the ability to create schedules within the GetHomeSafe platform, for when you expect staff to use the system:

  • Schedule tasks in advance.
  • Trigger reminders to staff through multiple channels (SMS, Email and Push Notifications) just before their start time.
  • A new Alert type “missed start” for easy follow up of staff who are undertaking work but have not started their GHS session for their safety.
  • Gives advance warning of potential H&S incidents/concerns that may occur before staff start their day


Collect and provide evidence of workers’ visits to sites, properties and other locations:

  • Time-stamped and location-stamped verification of workers having attended a specific location.
  • Photographic and barcode/QR code scanning functionality to document that work has been completed or that certain tasks have been carried out.
  • Meet your compliance needs and customer expectations with a simple-to-use solution.

Time & Mileage Reporting

Multi-purpose time and mileage reporting. Collect and share accurate time and mileage data to:

  • Manage expenses.
  • Comply with regulations.
  • Monitor and reduce carbon emissions.
  • Accurately bill clients.
  • Allocate resources efficiently; and
  • Improve productivity.
time mileage

Key Features: Travel Add-On

Stay informed of your mobile workforce's travel plans and approvals to guarantee their safe arrival.

Journey Planning & Approval

The GetHomeSafe Journey Management Plan includes the following industry-leading safety app features:

  • Pre-planning Activities.
  • Review and Approval Processes.
  • Vehicle Tracking Integration.
  • Adjustable GPS Tracking Frequency.
  • Linked Fatigue Management Software.
  • Live GPS Tracking.
  • Panic, Overdue & Silent Alerting.
  • Alert Notifications.
  • Linked Third-Party Apps.
  • Single Sign-On.
  • Much More...
journey planning

Flight Tracking

Beyond land-based welfare monitoring:

  • Integration with Flight Data: GetHomeSafe integrates with flight data sources to access real-time flight information.
  • Real-Time Updates: Monitor your workers’ flight statuses and locations in real-time. Track the progress of their flights and ensure they are on schedule.
  • Travel Compliance & Reporting: Data from flight tracking can be used for compliance and reporting purposes. Ensure that workers are following travel schedules and complying with travel policies.
flight tracking

Key Features: Out-Of-Coverage Add-On

Keep your team connected with our out-of-coverage add-on. This add-on is charged as a per-device fee.

Integrated Satellite & Radio Solutions

Ensure the safety of workers in situations where network coverage is limited or nonexistent.

With our satellite device and radio integration options, GetHomeSafe allows you to sync all your devices and coverage options together into one place, alongside your GetHomeSafe app users.

The combination of GPS tracking, offline data collection, and emergency response features ensures that employees can be monitored and assisted even when they are out of network coverage.

satellite radio

Live Location Sharing & Two‑Way Messaging

Effortlessly share real-time GPS locations from your satellite communicator or radio directly to your GetHomeSafe account. This includes essential details such as remaining battery, time recorded, time received, and the accuracy of each location point.

For compatible devices, the incorporation of two-way messaging between GetHomeSafe and your device, facilitated through satellite or radio communication, significantly enhances the overall solution. This is particularly valuable when automated welfare monitoring and mass messaging functionalities are being leveraged.

The shared location data and messaging transmitted from the device are seamlessly presented on the GetHomeSafe tracking maps and welfare monitoring timeline. This consolidation ensures a unified source of information, streamlining the management of all your coverage options.

live two way

Automated Welfare Monitoring & SOS Alerts

Facilitate streamlined welfare monitoring for satellite or radio connected devices through seamless integration with GetHomeSafe.

Automate essential functions such as initiation, periodic check-ins, timechecks, extensions, and notifications upon arrival at a destination through the comprehensive capabilities of GetHomeSafe.

Configure your satellite or radio devices to generate alerts for distress signals, "mandown" situations, and SOS emergencies, all efficiently processed within your GetHomeSafe account.

Leverage the sophisticated escalation and follow-up protocols within the GetHomeSafe platform to manage alerts triggered by your satellite and radio devices, consolidating these critical processes into a centralized, user-friendly interface.

automated sos