COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing Policy, Reportsing & Auditing

Get Control of your Contact Tracing

GetHomeSafe - Corporate makes the enforcement, reporting and auditing of your Contact Tracing policy and procedures easy.

With dedicated contact tracing reports and utilisation reporting it is easy for any organisation achieve your policy objectives.

Being cloud based GetHomeSafe provides the visibility from an management point of view, from the home office and or the office. 



covid contact tracing app with GPS

Contact Tracing App

GetHomeSafe App for Contact Tracing

We have seen a huge surge in clients using the GetHomeSafe App for Contact Tracing.

The key contact tracing feature is our existing 'check-in' note feature.

An easy to use note taking feature for recording the location, time and who you have been in contact with for work.

A digital diary is all you need and the GetHomeSafe app is perfect for contact tracing. 




Training & Implementation

eLearning and Remote Training

Training via video call and eLearning is at the heart of all solutions we provide, even before the pandemic.

Options from Train the Trainer video sessions to full eLearning customised to include your Contact Tracing policy and SOPs.




The great thing about using GetHomeSafe for contact tracing is the privacy controls.

Your data is not shared outside your organisation, you initiate the sharing of data with health officials if required.

Or you can query the database and return information health officials are requiring, without disclosing information they don't need to see. 



Contact Tracing

What is 'Contact Tracing'?

As an employee it is the ability to retrace your steps and contact people you have been in close contact with for more than 15 minutes, including for work. 

For an organisation it is the ability to retrace who has been at your premises and the ability to contact them if required.

The key part of meeting your contact tracing obligations for organisations is accurate note taking and record keeping, with time and location stamps. 

Ensure quality contact tracing across 2-200+ employees with GetHomeSafe



Get Started

To learn more and check if the GetHomeSafe app is the right fit for your contact tracing requirements, start a free trial or contact us and one of the team will happily talk you through the options. 

NZ COVID Tracer App

With the blessing of the Ministry of Health, GetHomeSafe is pleased to offer an optional direct link with the official New Zealand Covid Tracing App, NZ COVID tracer.

The link greatly encourages engagement with the official app. 

It comes with a full suite of reporting functions for management to ensure your staff are interacting with COVID tracer as per your policy and protocols.

This feature does not facilitate the automatic sharing of information between GetHomeSafe and the Ministry of Health, this process is still controlled manually by the employee or management. 

To link the NZ COVID Tracer app with your GetHomeSafe account please contact us


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