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The Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group (OPBG) was formed in 2008 by a group of keen Peninsula residents who had a vision of protecting the Otago Peninsula's biodiversity, lifestyle, and economic values. Since then, the OPBG has grown enormously with over 100 volunteers undertaking a variety of activities to contribute to the achievement of the vision.

The Group's goal of working towards a predator-free peninsula has been well underway since 2011.  Over 20,000 possums have been removed from the Peninsula protecting native birds, trees and gardens. The huge collaborative effort from volunteers, residents, contractors, employees, funders and supporters has made this achievement possible.


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The work of the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group covers a large area of the Peninsula and often that comes with working alone or on riskier terrains. OPBG is committed to ensuring a safe operating environment for everyone involved in the  project.

OPBG demonstrates its commitment to health and safety by fostering sensible and safe cultures that align with their policies and procedures. 



As part of its commitment to improving the health and safety of anyone out and about, the Otago Peninsula Biodiversity Group found a solution that worked well with their current safety processes and covered workers in rural areas. 

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OPBG adopted the GetHomeSafe (GHS) app as part of its health and safety procedures for lone workers. Workers use the system when they are out in the field as part of their possum eradication work and other activities that include track maintenance and species monitoring. 

As an extra safety tool alongside their traditional buddy system or personal locator beacons, GHS has provided an extra tool to ensure the safety of anyone out and about. OPBG is a proud partner of GetHomeSafe and will continue to work in partnership with GetHomeSafe towards creating safety for their field personnel to help make the Otago Peninsula predator-free.

Keep up to date with following what the OPBG team are up to by reading their newsletters found here: https://www.predatorfreepeninsula.nz/reports-

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