If you are a user of our Android version of our GetHomeSafe – Personal Safety app you will be pleased to know there is a major update ready for download from Google Play. This will see a great improvement in your experience and the performance of the app in general, along with several new features, including:


New Landing page and Three Click Start:

The new layout and user experience creates a focus on setting a list of favourite activities, the things you do often and creating an intuitive flow to using these regularly. Once you have created a list of activities, journeys or tasks you do often you can log one of your favourites in just three clicks! 


Battery Saver Mode:

This can be selected in the Time tab when setting your task and can also be set as a default in the settings.  Prefect for longer day trips into the back country.


Check-in Notes:

You can now record notes along the way, ideal for recording which hiking trail you have gone down or the next fishing spot you are heading to.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements, we are working on more, but if you have any suggestions or a bright idea please contact us, we love to hear your thoughts.

8 August 2017