Meet the team at Fleet Day 2021

Our team at GetHomeSafe are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Fleet Day 2021 in Hamilton on May the 6th.

Run by our wonderful partners at EROAD and the Waikato Regional Council, Fleet Day 2021 will focus on three main areas: Fleet Safety, Electric/Alternative Fleets and Heavy Transport challenges and solutions. Fleet Day offers our team an incredible opportunity to showcase our Lone Worker Solution  outside of our usual office.

Originally designed for Personal Safety, Boyd Peacock the founder of GetHomeSafe needed a better solution than telling his flat mates; “If I don’t get home from a bike ride, can you come look for me” or “Don’t worry, I’ll call you when I get there…” From these unreliable methods of communication, the GetHomeSafe Personal Safety App was born (2012).

In 2016 with over 40,000 downloads worldwide of the Personal Safety app the company began shifting its focus onto workplace safety where GetHomeSafe Corporate was launched. Boyd recognised a significant need for those working and travelling alone, to communicate with their supervisors.

The Corporate App specifically designed for employees wanting a faster, more reliable way of checking that Lone Workers were safe, the ability to alert supervisors and offer live monitoring on a ‘dashboard’ system made it easier for organisations to make sure everyone was getting home safe at the end of the day.

Our team at GetHomeSafe are constantly innovating to allow for employers to know that their teams are OK no matter what they are doing or where they are. Our recently new Journey Management feature is set to be showcased in person at Fleet Day 2021.


Journey Management

Organisations now have the ability to plan tasks in advance and create task types that require approval before they are started. Being able to view journey details ahead of time ensure fleets are travelling or working under the right circumstances.

Location Sharing

Regardless of their location, GetHomeSafe offers solutions for all types of fleets ensuring that your people are getting home safe at the end of each workday.

Our large range of satellite devices allows for extra monitoring when fleets go out of cellular range. A new integration with Digital Radios is also an option for additional monitoring in areas with Radio networks.

Alert Access

In the case of an incident of duress, our system makes it easy to notify your supervisors. With an easy press of a button, check in schedule, you can alert your supervisors that you require assistance.

Recognised Lone Worker Solution

GetHomeSafe offers Welfare Monitoring solutions for a diverse range of clients all around the globe. No matter what you do or where you are, GetHomeSafe has a solution to provide total fleet situational awareness.


GetHomeSafe makes it easy to access and export all your User and Fleet data through the Web Portal. Save time and energy by generating reports with accurate time stamps and task details.


GetHomeSafe are extremely lucky to work have working relationships with partnering Fleet companies such as EROAD. EROAD vehicle devices easily integrate onto the GetHomeSafe solution to give you and your team full situational awareness at all times.

We can’t wait to show off GetHomeSafes solution at Fleet Day 2021 this year. Stop by booth #6 to meet our team and see how our product can help your business.

30 April 2021