Two new features are set to be released on Thursday the 18th (Android) and Monday the 22nd (iOS) of February for the GetHomeSafe - Corporate Safety App. They include a new check-in structure that includes pre-set check-in notes and bar/QR code scanning, as well as adjustable GPS tracking frequency during active tasks.

As of Monday, the 22nd of February, the GetHomeSafe - Corporate Safety app will only be supported on iOS 13 and above.


New Check-In Options

New pre-set check-in options are displayed once check-in current location is selected, followed by a new confirmation screen. Predefined check-in notes can be reported on and exported from the Reports menu within the portal. They are also displayed on the map and timeline


QR & Bar Code Scanning

Scanning QR codes will record the data associated with that code, i.e. the text you have associated with the code. This allows you to create your own QR codes with notes you would like people to record at specific locations, ideal for indoor positioning or recording entry or exit for certain locations.


Adjustable GPS Tracking

The frequency of automatic check-ins (locations) can now be adjusted from the GetHomeSafe app. Select the GPS icon at the top right of the task screen to adjust the GPS Tracking Frequency from 30 seconds up to 15 minutes. Any GPS Tracking Frequency changes will also appear on a users timeline.


Change Management Required

To facilitate these new features, please contact your Account Manager. Users will need to update their Android App to version 162 or iOS version 96 or newer. Once enabled, the new features simply display at the check-in phase of their next session.

There will be no downtime associated with this update. System availability is always displayed on our public website.

18 February 2021