You can now export a report of all check in notes made from both your App, but more impressively from your Garmin InReach, allowing hazard reporting on the go. Picture this, every time one of your team encounters a dog, the unpredictable scary ones, they record #dog in their check-in notes. It takes them two seconds.

You as their manager, can then export and report on all #dog notes. But here is where it gets good, really good. That two seconds of your staffers time, result in you having a complete registry of the time, street address, client number, Lat & long and what they were doing at the time #dog was reported; along with every other #dog reported by the entire organisation.

#reporting can be done via the app in cell coverage or via the Garmin InReach out of cell coverage. That’s right, real-time hazard reporting out of cell coverage!

You now have a very detailed #dog registry, in .csv format, you can upload into client records or other solutions so next visit to the Badlands your team will be expecting #dog

Export includes person, time, team and what they were doing. You can filter the export on date and team. It is located in the Reports menu of your web portal and is live and ready for use. Management are periodically emailed when new #reports are filled.

13 September 2019