Supervisors can now write notes on a task timeline; perfect for recording all actions taken when following up someone working alone who has not checked in as planned. The notes are time-stamped, along with who made them and are visible to everyone who has access to the tracking log.  Other supervisors who have also been alerted will also see the actions you have taken, and can also record their own. Similarly, the overdue worker can also make a note when they return to the office, explaining their side of the story.

This small feature has a huge change to how you and your approved partner can jointly use Get Home Safe.  If you are using an approved third party to assist with monitoring and responding to your alerts their actions will be recorded here for your reference. 

This new feature may alter how you configure your working alone policy around using Get Home Safe, so please take some time to consider how your policy works as you now have an easy to use, an online and robust place for all staff to record their follow up actions when responding to an incident. 

The actions recorded here could form a strong starting point for reviewing what happened and reporting on the incident. Once a note has been recorded it cannot be edited or deleted, save guarding against people changing their story or trying to cover their tracks.

If you would like to have a look for yourself, it is live and working, simply log into your dashboard and navigate to a task tracking log, under the GPS tracking map you will see a Note field at the top of the task timeline. The timeline notes are also a perfect place for recording updates you have received from out of cellphone coverage, like radio calls and SPOT updates.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback on what we do, if you have a suggestion or comment please contact us.