Whether you are going on the mountain alone or with no cell coverage, it is always good to let someone know where you’re going and when you’ll be back just incase.

Born out frustration, our founder Boyd Peacock didn’t like that when going out alone the only best way of contacting your loved ones was by phone. The ability to notify them of your where abouts with a press of a button has made it more convenient to focus our time on enjoying what we should be.

This year the GetHomeSafe team want to make sure your Winter Season is a safe one. Here are some tips to improve your safety when going for a ski.


Watching out for Others

Many of us have all seen that person on the mountain wearing improper clothing and gear or lack of, swinging their skis around. As a fellow skier you should look to reduce your risk of being injured or injuring others while on the mountain here are some common mistakes:

  • Flat light/ Weather conditions of the day
  • Not wearing proper safety equipment (Helmets, Goggles & Wrist Guards)
  • No Snowfall in the Past 24 Hours (Icy trails)
  • Limited Grooming (Too much hair!)
  • No Rest or Hydration for 3 Hours (This is a big one!)
  • Skiing Above their Level of Ability

Be aware of blind spots - because snowboarders face sideways, there is a blind spot behind them. Before making a heel-edge turn, check for other people and obstacles.

Give way to people in front of you and below you – They have the right of way as they cannot see you! Steer clear and give yourself and them the proper space when you pass and ski/snowboard to what the trail allows you. Its good practice to yell out “On your right!” or “On your left!”

Mind The Signs and Stop Safely – Never stop in the middle of the trail if you can help it. instead pull off to the side or wait in a designated resting area as you never know how close people are behind you! Don’t ignore signs on the trails they usually indicate Boundaries and Slow Down Warnings!

GetHomeSafe is passionate about offering tools that help you enjoy the little things without worrying your loved ones. Our welfare monitoring solution is not only for organisations but for you to use for outdoor activities to ensure you spend more of your time enjoying the things you love and doing it safely.