It has been a long and exciting journey for Boyd and the GetHomeSafe team. With the original idea stemming from Boyd’s Queenstown garage back in 2012, GetHomeSafe quickly became the app to watch, evolving into a world-class Software as a Service (SaaS) company.

The team have been busy establishing our next chapter in growth, with plans to open an office in the UK very shortly. There’s always plenty of opportunity here at GetHomeSafe, continually developing and connecting with clients from all industries to allow them confidence in knowing their teams are OK!

Our Key Accounts & Partnerships Manager, Sophie Cranfield will move to begin this next chapter for GetHomeSafe. This expansion will open many opportunities for the GHS team to provide solutions for those in the UK and EMEA regions. 

GHS ensures the safety of lone and remote workers, to allow the peace of mind, and provide real-time information on where your team are and whether they are OK at all times. With the recent release of our Journey Management tool as well as other exciting features and integrations, GHS is further expanding its feature set to best cater for our UK and EMEA clients. 

GetHomeSafe has been very successful in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US and hopes to apply a similar approach to our UK and EMEA clients.  

If you are in the UK or EMEA and interested in hearing about GetHomeSafe for your organisation, or becoming a Partner, please contact our UK Accounts & Partnerships Manager, Sophie Cranfield on or +44 7931 433486.

17 June 2021