False Alert Reporting

As part of the supervision process of following up an alert, you can now classify it as False, Genuine or Testing. The classification is stamped on the task timeline and it feeds through as a key component into our new "alerting report"


Response Reporting

You can now download a full "Response" report. This details all alerted tasks, with great metrics like which teams are generating the most false alerts (find who needs more training), average response times, response durations and even how many follow up actions like notes or making phone calls are being recorded as part of the response. 


Welfare Check-ins

Another column has been added to the standard "activities" report to detail how many times the app was interacted with during a task.  You can even report on the average time between Welfare Check-ins, to see who is and isn't meeting you working alone policy requirements. 

For more information or a suggestion for our reporting, please contact us, we love to hear what you want to see the solution. 

15 February 2019