Recent updates to our Lone Worker and Personal Safety apps now have the ability to integrate with a wearable Bluetooth panic button. The button can be worn on a wristband, belt clip or pendant and allows activation of a Panic Alert to your nominated supervisors or emergency contacts with a press and hold of the button. 

What has us really excited about the buttons is not just how extremely quick and easy it makes raising a panic alert, but the price is very affordable. Get Home Safe retails a button and wristband combo for a one off cost just $US 25 plus postage and sales tax if applicable. Discounts for bulk purchases is available.

The button can be kept handy, on your wrist or in your pocket for high risk or unpredictable situations, like working near machinery or entering private homes to visit clients, where making a call for help from your phone or activating a panic feature within an app is not a practical option. Integration with the panic button is included in your Corporate subscription and also with or free Personal Safety app, perfect for urban life.

If you wish to purchase a button or twenty, please contact your account manager or contact us. Phase two of the buttons is now under way, with beta testing of utilising the program-able features of the button for automated welfare check-ins, confirm you are Ok with a click of a button on your wrist, easy as.

If you would like more information, please contact us.

18 May 2018