We are excited to introduce the Flic2 Bluetooth button as an additional integration option for GetHomeSafe customers.

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The Flic2 button seamlessly integrates with GetHomeSafe, offering an efficient solution for personal safety and security.

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By simply pressing the Flic2 button, users can instantly and discreetly trigger an alert and notify GetHomeSafe alert responders, without the need to unlock their mobile devices.

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This streamlined communication ensures swift assistance and peace of mind, especially in urgent situations when it is not practical to use your phone. Combined with GetHomeSafe's comprehensive safety features and optional monitoring partners, the Flic2 button becomes a valuable tool for those working alone to stay connected.

The range of Flic2 accessories enhances the button's functionality, providing users with added convenience and versatility. These accessories include metal belt clips and textile attachments allowing for easy placement and access in various environments. Additionally, there are accessory packs available that offer a combination of useful items tailored to different needs, further expanding the capabilities of the Flic2 button. 

The Flic2 button is now available to use through the GetHomeSafe mobile app. You can purchase the Flic2 and available accessories directly from Flic or via our partner Total Sense Solutions.
For more information check out our GetHomeSafe website or to discuss further please contact our Customer Success team.