Blog post image 2022 Update 1


GetHomeSafe is releasing an update for small improvements on Tuesday the 16th of August, 2022. This update will see changes and improvements in the web portal. GetHomeSafe is committed to improving the experience and safety features for all our valued users.



Firstly, call centre users can now start activities for users they monitor from the portal. This will provide ease and benefit to users who are communicating with call centres, as they will be able to manually interact with their activities. This update helps improve the user-friendliness and interactive ability between users and call centres. 

GetHomeSafe has a new partnership/integration with what3words, a new blog will be released soon. what3words divides the world into 3m x 3m squares. Each square is assigned a unique 3-word phrase. In this update, a user's last reported location (during an activity) will include the unique 3-word phrase corresponding to their location. This will help improve location accuracy and safety in the event of an emergency.

The default GPS devices feature in the activity types page will not be displayed if the organisation does not have any GPS devices assigned to it. This has been done to save confusion for organisations that do not use GPS devices. Any organisations that currently have this feature enabled will not be affected.

There is now a new GPX export option for user activity log downloads. GPX files are text files with geographic information included in them. Data such as longitude, longitude, waypoints, tracks, and routes are all included. This file can be downloaded by administrators from the activities log page.

All activity details include the time reaming until an overdue alert is activated, displayed in the activity status box (of the activity details page). The time remaining display has changed from words to an 00:00:00 format. This change was made as this format is easier to read, providing simplicity and improved user experience.