Find what you need for Working Alone, Travel Safety and Safety Out of Coverage

The GetHomeSafe team are absolutely thrilled to announce the release of our new Website which has been designed to improve site navigation. 

2021 has been a busy year of new developments and opportunities to help your staff Get Home Safe. Our new Website better represents these changes and our Welfare Monitoring offerings which you can find below. 

  • GetHomeSafes new User Interface on both Web and Phone Application 
  • Working Alone solutions
  • Risk, Journey and Fatigue Management solutions 
  • Safety out of Coverage solutions for Remote Working
  • Hardware integrations
  • Access to Client Stories and testimonials
  • A new Partnerships directory and Becoming a Partner with GetHomeSafe


Our current and prospective clients will easily be able to locate and find out information on Safety Monitoring Solutions that suits them. These pages clearly state the differences between each plan and offer the ability to compare which Welfare Monitoring solution is fit for you and your staff. 

We have split our solutions into several categories to allow for feature-specific content available through our plans.

  • Working Alone - A purpose-built safety solution designed for lone workers
  • Travel Safety - Risk and Journey management solutions for fleets and/or lone workers. 
  • Safety Out of Coverage - Monitoring solutions keep Remote Workers safe regardless of their location
  • Enterprise Safety  - Employee welfare monitoring solutions for large, complex or unique organisations
  • Personal Safety App - Let your loved ones know you are OK during recreational activities. 

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The ability to contact our support team or request a free trial is now much easier with Call to Action buttons placed everywhere. This allows readers like yourself to enquire more about GetHomeSafe more easily and find out more on a Welfare Monitoring solution can help enhance the safety of your team out on the field. 

Get in touch today by filling out a Contact Form or emailing us at

As we are busy working on other developments we would love to share any updates through the News page of our website. 

Stay tuned!