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New integration

GetHomeSafe is happy to announce that we have integrated with what3words to provide worker locations in their 3-word format.

What is what3words?

what3words is a location system that divides the world into 3m x 3m squares, each square having a unique combination of 3 words associated with it, for example, ///swear.deeply.summer - the entrance to GetHomeSafe’s London office. See it for yourself here. As you can see what3words has assigned “swear, deeply, summer” to our example location. The square next to this is /// 

This alternative to traditional street addressing systems (which aren’t helpful if on a motorway, in the middle of a field, or when there are duplicate addresses) helps communicate an exact location quickly and accurately.

What does it mean for GHS users?

The ability to pinpoint and communicate a worker’s location more quickly, easily, and accurately. 

what3words is an incredibly simple way to talk about location. It’s a whole lot easier and quicker than trying to roll off a 15 digit GPS coordinate, give it a try for yourself: 




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With just 3 words, Team Leaders and/or Alarm Receiving Centres can now locate and communicate a GetHomeSafe user’s precise location by its unique what3words code. This is especially important in the event of an emergency. When every second counts, pinpointing the location of an incident is crucial. There won’t be wasted time trying to find a worker, with first responders being directed to an exact 3m square.

what3words is used by the majority of emergency services and first responders in the UK as well as across Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. If a GetHomeSafe alert needs to be escalated, providing the what3words reference will only speed up the response. Here are some real life stories that have been shared in the press and across social media:

This is another example of how GetHomeSafe is continually improving its technology to add value to and improve our customers’ safety! If you’d like to learn more about how you can use what3words with GetHomeSafe - get in touch here!


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